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Explore Maui

Visiting upcountry Maui is an off the beaten path experience that provides a more holistic view of Hawai'i to the guests that venture this far.  Hawai'i is more than palm trees and white sand beaches, it's ranching, farming, and wide open spaces.  Whether you're looking for a place to stay while visiting the National Park or you're looking to experience the culture of Hawaii beyond what's provided in the prefabricated scenery of hotels and resorts, The Log Cabin at Malu Manu should be on your list of places to stay when on Maui.

The atmosphere in Kula is reminiscent of Southern France or the Mediterranean.  The weather is dry, arid and cool; a perfect climate for roses, lavender, rosemary and protea flowers.  Homestead gardens boast colorful flowers and a bounty of fruits and vegetables.  Add the spectacular views, brilliant blue sky and turquoise oceans and you can hear the mountains sing!

Things to do in the area

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