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About Our Ohana

 Our Ohana descends from the  Mossman and Waterhouse line which have been living in Hawaii since the early 1800s. We love our home and we love sharing its special beauty with kamaaina and visitors alike. 

We are all so privileged to share such a special place with friends, family, visitors, and locals.

Malu Manu History

The Log Cabin at Malu Manu was constructed in the early 1920’s as a writer’s retreat, long before the surrounding area was developed.  The Log Cabin provided the original owner, Mrs. Maude Cooke, and her guests with a place of inspiration, escape, peace, quiet and sanctuary at which one was  free to create without disturbance. Mrs. Cooke later constructed the manager’s estate home, built in the English plantation style, at the top of Cooke Road as her primary residence.  Eventually parcels along Cooke Road were subdivided and developed as residential homesteads.  The Log Cabin has remained un-touched, retaining its original character, save for a few modernizations to electrical and plumbing.


Mr. & Mrs. Donald Dewitt Rietow of Nu’uanu, Hawaii purchased a portion of the property from the original owner Mrs. Maude Cooke, in the 1950’s.  They constructed a home for themselves (the Main House), which is located up the hill from the Cabin and is just barely visible through the pine trees that grow between the two structures.  Mr. & Mrs. Rietow moved into the Main House in 1960 to enjoy their retirement years and managed the property as a Gentleman’s Estate for the remainder of their lives.  They also constructed a second residence (the Trust House) on the other side of Cooke Road for their children and grandchildren to enjoy when they came to visit. 

The Donald Dewitt Rietow Trust inherited the property upon the passing of Mrs. Rietow in 1986.  The trust is comprised of the children and grandchildren of Mr. and Mrs. Donald Dewitt Rietow some of whom now occupy the property as their permanent residence. 

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